Legal Assistance Service - 24-HOUR PRIMARY CRIMINAL LEGAL AID ALL OVER THE COUNTRY Iezzi & Varone - When you need it.

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We are 24 hours a day with you and your company

- Assistance at police stations for traffic homicides or injuries.

- Assistance in court hearings and/ or hearings at police stations.

- Vehicle and/ or merchandise theft and/ or recovery at police stations and/ or in court.

- Disloyal employees (improper retention).

- Criminal complaints and investigation of brand counterfeiting.

- Copy and/ or view of criminal case records.

- Control of criminal cases at police stations.

- Criminal steps for collection.

- Cable theft.

The right complement to your staff
Since some time ago, a healthy and growing competition has been developing in the market with the aim of offering more services.
The essential reasons of the feasibility of our work system lie in the economic and commercial advantages that this means; and secondly, the peace of mind of having a permanent legal and technical protection, and the immediate intervention of a specialized professional in case of possible conflict.

To do this, we start from the premise that, in certain situations, clients ignore how to deal with an illicit fact.

This service also allows to have the right staff for the first contact, and know how to proceed in each particular situation.

Through this 24-hour criminal legal aid service, we assure 365-day availability of our professional staff (including lawyers, experts, investigators, etc), at any time needed, by phone or personally, depending on the case.

“A work team at your disposal”