Our firm was created in 1989 by the initiative of Gabriel R. Iezzi.  Then Victor M. Varone joined the firm, and in this way, taking advantage of our training in the area of investigations and coinciding with the arrival of foreign reinsurance companies and the big change in mentality in the insurance sector that it meant, we began to develop an outline of work in the field of criminal law, specializing in the area of insurance, then incorporating the business market.

At present, we have a staff of over 90 people, including administrative staff, investigators, junior lawyers and correspondents, acting all over Argentina and the neighboring countries, fulfilling our goals thanks to the companies that trust us and work with us.
We have fast and efficient work methods, with the computer technology needed to lead the field in which we operate.

We are pioneers in the provision of a 24-HOUR CRIMINAL LEGAL AID SERVICE (www.sapp.com.ar), with more than 20 years of continuous work with a team of professionals who are available 24 hours a day to provide client support.

In these years, we had the opportunity to perceive market needs and create new BUSINESS UNITS, which are presented in this site, that deal with tasks in various areas, such as DEFENSE OF TRAFFIC FINES (www.multasdetransito.com.ar), SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS OF FRAUD (IEF), EXPERT UNIT, LOGISTICAL PREVENTION (www.prevencionlogistica.com), among others.

Continuing with our vocation to work in the security area and taking advantage of the experience we acquired all over these years, in 2007 we created and coordinated the INTER-FIRM ROUNDTABLE OF TRUCK HIJACKING (www.pirateriadecamiones.com.ar) in which the companies included in the logistics chain and related to the topic take part, including load givers, carriers, insurers, brokers, supermarket entrepreneurs, postal entrepreneurs, logistics and security managers, etc.  With the support of the state, we have achieved major changes in the prevention and punishment of “truck hijacking” crimes, and we continue working to go further.

As time went by, we had the opportunity to spread our experiences and knowledge, through various media, such as print, radio and television, in this way demystifying some critical issues in the legal environment in order to interact with society, trying to bring people “The viewpoint of criminal cases based on Law”.
Today we have the advances that technology provides in order to improve communication, which is our best image.  A legal column on over-the-air television, a news channel in Youtube, and the permanent updating of our website.

We remain at your disposal.